Nachthorn is out on Vlek.

Nachthorn takes its name from one of the 78 stops that make up the main organ in St. Antonius Church in Düsseldorf. This instrument, equipped with a system developed by the German company Sinua, offers the possibility of controlling all of its keyboards and timbres via a computer. The organ thus becomes a powerful synthesiser. This set-up allowed me to fulfil an old dream of mine : to create an entirely acoustic dance music piece with the organ as sole actor. Oscillating between dub techno, harmonic locked grooves or after-hours pop, Nachhorn proposes a hypnotic music piece whose lines sketch the outline of an imaginary warehouse.

Composed and programmed for midi-controlled organ by Maxime Denuc.
Recorded on 5 and 6 May 2021 at St. Antonius Kirche, Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, by Harry Charlier.
Mixed by Raphaël Hénard at La Savonnerie, Brussels.
Mastered and cut by Frédéric Alstadt at Mont Analogue, Bever.
Artwork by Jonathan Martin. P
roduced by Thomas Van de Velde for Vlek Records, supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.
Thanks to Markus Hinz, Benedikt Aufterbeck & Thomas Stöckl from Sinua, Daniel Bleikolm, Cindy Castillo, Fred Aerden, Marc Jacobs, Céline Sourbié, Loïc Marszalek, Fanny Calès, Haleh Zahedi and Josquin Denuc. Vlek 36 © ℗ 2022

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