Violence Lointaine

Violence Lointaine

Violence lointaine is a 60-minute dance performance, consisting of several audio-visual fragments which will be put together to a postdramatical story-line, reflecting the personal violence experiences of the artists, reproducing the aesthetic of this violence and deconstruct it. to make the reality behind the images “violently” come to the fore and reflect how omnipresent violence is in our life. tackling the question when the seeming fictional images of faraway violence turn into testimonials of harsh reality?

Dance/Performance By: Omar Ghayatt / DeLaVallet Bidiefono / Maxime Denuc

Concept, Performance: Omar Ghayatt, DelaVallet Bidiefono, Maxime Denuc
Choreography: DelaVallet Bidiefono. Scenography: Omar Ghayatt.
Sound Landscape: Maxime Denuc

Production: Studio Moroni I Omar Ghayatt, Cie Baninga

Co-production: CFF French Cultural Center Brazzaville, Festival D-CAF Cairo 2014.
Co-Realization: Theater Collectif 12, PROGR Bern, Stadtgalerie Bern.
Supported by: City of Bern, SüdKulturFonds, Kanton Bern, Institut Français .